Automatic 4 Wheels Bottle Capping Machine

Automatic 4 Wheels Bottle Capping Machine

Main structure stainless steel 304 machine.

The automatic capping machine is controlled by touch screen, parameter can be set on touch screen easily.

The main structure is made of durable 304 stainless steel. The machine is control by touch screen; parameter can be set on touch screen very easily. It is very flexible for different sizes of round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles by adjustment. Capping time can be set to fit different caps and different levels of tightness. It is very easy for exist line upgrade.


Automatic 4 Wheels Capping Machine is designed to handle Trigger Spray Cap, Pump Cap, Push-pull Cap, Snap Hinge Cap and Sport Push-pull Cap.

Round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles
Applicable Caps: Screw Caps and twist of metal caps



• Machine construction is made by SUS# 304 and aluminum alloy
• Pick & Place device for placing the cap onto bottle mouth automatically.
• Pick & Place is driven by servo motor with rotary actuator.
• Capping roller is driven by servo motor.
• Wrap around belts assembly for holding the containers.
• Hand wheel adjustments, no change parts are needed.

No. Model VK-4
1 Speed 720-1800bottles/hour,
depends on bottle sizes and shapes
2 Cap Type Screw cap
3 Bottle Height Up to 460mm
4 Cap Diameter Up to 70mm
5 Power 1.5KW
6 Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
7 Voltage 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz
8 Driven Way Motor with 4 wheels

Other Features

1. Controlled by DALTA touch screen.
2. Adjustable for different sizes and shapes of caps and bottles
3. Bottle Clamp belt bottle in system is optional for upgrade capping speed, up to 40BPM
4. Integrated digital control with Schneider PLC and high-tech touch screen controls for easy operation.
5. GMP standard stainless steel.

Main Component List

4 Wheel Capping Machine
No. Descriptions BRAND ITEM Remark
1 Capping Motor JSCC 120W Germany Technology
2 Reducer JSCC Germany Technology
3 Touch Screen DALTA TAIWAN
5 Pneumatic Cylinder AIRTAC TAIWAN
7 Press Controller AIRTAC TAIWAN
8 Main Structure 304SS