Automatic 6 Head Rotary Capping Machine

Automatic 6 Head Rotary Capping Machine

This Automatic 6 Head Rotary Capping Machine is used for closing plastics screw caps, especially for the caps which with lock ring. It is widely used in industries like foodstuff, pharmacy, daily chemical, cosmetic, fertilizer etc.

PLC control system, rotary type structure, the machine is with function of automatic cap feeding ,loading and closing.
Machine come with 6 capping heads, pneumatic chuck capping head with clutch ,it won’t damage the caps, and use belt to press bottle which also make no damage of the bottle.
High capping speed and capping accuracy.

Brief Introduction

1. This automatic rotary capping machine is protective automatic capping machine and control by PLC program, it can automatically arrange lid, taking lid and sending lid, it will grasp lid then capping.

2. The machine is a multifunctional lid-revolver not only revolving lid but also pressing lid. Especially for the lid which fits with the bottle mouth too tight and has interior anti-lock ring.

3. The cap can automatically slip after pressing tightened to ensure do not damage the cap, capping speed fast, high pass rate.

Technical Parameter

No.ItemTechnical Data
1Capacity3000-4000BPH for 1L bottles
2Cap’s Diameterφ20-φ55mm
3Filling Head6
5Voltage220V 50HZ

Main Configuration

1Touch ScreenWEINVIEWTaiwan
5Reducer motorZIGUANGChina

Spare parts list

1Claw seat hoop spring6 pieces
2Claw seat pin6 piece
3Lifting spring (up, down)8 pieces
4Friction tablets (Bakelite plate)8 piece
5Tools kit1 set
6Tools box1 piece
7Instruction1 piece