Automatic Twist-Off Vacuum Capping Machine

Automatic Twist-Off Vacuum Capping Machine

Automatic twist off glass jar vacuum capping machine is used for tinplate caps’ vacuumizing and capping in glass jars. It integrates automatic caps arrangement, automatic caps loadng, automatic vacuumizing and automatic capping into one machine. When there is no bottle, there will be no caps sending, and when there is lack of caps, the machine will have an automatic alarm and it also has other functions.

Automatic vacuum capping machine is suitable for sealing glass bottles with various shapes and specifications. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and mechanical sealing mechanism. Complete function, high degree of automation, suitable for all kinds of condiments, pickles, sufu, honey, jam and other products of the four-spin cover and three-spin cover sealing.


1. Integrated automatically cap arranging with covering and vacuum capping, with high automation.

2. Adopted manual vacuum pump to achieve high vacuum.

3. Capping torsion and vacuum degree can be set as required.

4. Suitable for different shapes and sizes bottles with changing few parts.

5. The main pneumatic and electric parts are from world famous brands to ensure stable, reliable and durable performance.

1 Power ≤2.3KW(including the vacuum pump)
2 Production capacity 2200-2400 BPH
3 Cap diameter ¢30-¢55mm ¢50-¢85mm
4 Bottle height 80-250mm
5 Bottle diameter ¢30-¢85mm
5 Max vacuum -0.08mpa
6 Capping torsion 5-20N.M
7 Air consumption 0.6M3/0.7Mpa
9 Dimensions about2100×900×1630mm 750X1060X1400mm
10 Weight about 850kg

Automatic vacuum capping machine.

1, The machine is combined with automatic cap arranging, covering and vacuum screwing, features fast speed, high efficiency, reliable and stable running.
2, using international famous brand, can control automatic no caps the switch is on, full caps the switch is off.
3, the bottle shape what the machine can apply is round shape, square shape, oval shape and special-shaped and so on.
4, for filling different shapes of bottles with easy adjustment, strong adaptability.
5, reliable performance and long service life and durable performance.