High Speed Servo Horizontal Labeling Machine for Unstable Products

High Speed Servo Horizontal Labeling Machine for Unstable Products

Working principle:

Round bottles with different specifications by the transformation mechanism into the labeling machine conveyor belt, the conveyor belt to drive into the bottle labeling area, detected by the electric eye vision after the bottle, the transmission of photoelectric signal to the PLC, the PLC processing after the transmission of the output signal to the servo motor, marked out by the servo motor, by rolling the label on the bottle, labeling of the bottle by labeling machine conveyor belt into the next process or container.

Voltage specification220V 50/60hz
Air pressure supply5KG
Power consumption2.5KW
Printer air source5Kg/cm2
Labeling speed400 bottles/min (speed adjustable, depending on bottle size and label length)
Labeling accuracy±0.5mm
Container rangeoutside diameter 10mm ~ 22mm, height 20mm ~ 120mm
Label specificationheight 10mm ~ 90mm length 10mm ~ 80mm
Paper roll diameterф 76 mm, outside the paper roll roll: ф 350 mm (maximum)
Label clearance3mm, label roll clockwise
WeightN.W, G.W 350 kg/T: 450 kg
External dimensions2500mm×1650mm×1300mm

Motor system:

Omron servo labeling system, omron PLC and function module, omron servo main motor marking, omron frequency adjustment: high stability and synchronization, the fastest reaction time up to 1200 times/minute, and strong torque, never out of step.

Omron computer control system in Japan:

Real FUZZY(intelligent) no setting, no adjustment, as long as the boot, the system has completed all labeling calculus and preparation, press the start button to paste the perfect product.

Operation mode:

A. The imported touch-control man-machine interface is adopted, and the display is all in Chinese. As long as the operation is conducted according to the instructions on the display screen, no experience is required, it can be easily put online, greatly reducing the training time of personnel;Through the man-machine interface, the production speed can be set at will, and the production speed can be adjusted automatically.
B. If there is any abnormal fault: if the label is used up, the band is broken or tension is missed, the counting setting arrives, the machine is abnormal and so on, it will automatically stop the machine and give an alarm.

Mechanical design:

1. Super wear-resistant label rolling mechanism, using special teflon material, durable without wear.

2. Accurate differential bottling mechanism, the bottling accuracy is as high as ±5mm, it is unnecessary to change accessories for bottles of different specifications, saving cost, easy to adjust, and better than other brands.

3. The stable and durable frame and various parts adopt standardized modular design with complete interchangeability and operate 24 hours a day to ensure safety and stability.

4. The case, made of stainless steel SUS304 and T6 aluminum alloy, never rusts and complies with GMP standard.

5· the printing head adopts the solenoid valve to control the cylinder for reciprocating movement. Compared with the movement mode of crank connecting rod, the reaction speed and printing speed are greatly improved.

6· the printable manufacturing date, production batch number and expiry date can be completed at the same time, and the printing direction can be adjusted according to user needs.The writing is clear and clean.

Horizontal wrap label machines are used to partially or fully wrap unstable products by laying the product on its side, supported by idler rollers mounted to attachment chains. This is by far the most accurate means of labeling product as it is supported within the roller "cradle". We offer three models of horizontal wrap labeling machines (in addition to semi-automatic machines).

All of the models offer optional hopper-feeders to load product onto the conveyor. Many products can be efficiently loaded by hand, so don't overlook that free option;).

The automatic label applicator takes horizontal labeling machines to a higher level than ever before! Designed for unwieldy round products such as lipsticks, test tubes, pipe or many other products that cannot be labeled on an automatic labeling machine vertically. An optional feeder/hopper is available. This system includes the famous Self-Set fully integrated digital control system that makes setup easy while maintaining labeling accuracy throughout the production run. Speeds of up to 300 units per minute are possible on this automatic labeling machine!

Our experts can help you select the right horizontal wrap label machine for your application at the right price.