Top And Bottom Automatic Labelling Machine

Top And Bottom Automatic Labelling Machine

Top and Bottom Sides Automatic Labelling Machine is suitable for label lesser height of square , round , and flat bottles in the industry of foodstuff, medicine,cosmetic and so on. This machine the function is advance, easy operation, structure compact. Adopt to photoelectricity examine, PLC control, Touch screen software operation, conveyor belt, nip bottle belt are all stepless for speed adjust, label nicety; at the same time it has the function of no object no labelling, no label can revise by itself, and automatic to check. This machine can using single label, and also can using with other packing machinery for automatic produce on line.

Labeling accuracy±1mm (excluding products, labels, error)
Apply the product sizeLength: 40-400mm Width: 40-200mm Thickness: 0.2-120 mm (Can be customized)
Applicable to the power supply220V/50HZ (Need to add a voltage converter, according to the local voltage of different country)
Apply labels outside diameter¢240mm
Power consumption700W
Net weightAbout 400Kg
Labeling speed40–80 pcs/min (related to the product and label size)
Apply label sizeLength:6-150mm; Width: 15-130 mm(Can be customized)
Apply labels inside diameter¢76mm
Net size (L*W*H)Machine size: 1980*730*1420 mm Packing size: 2050*850*1500mm

1 ) Control System:Japanese Panasonic control system , with high stability and extremely low failure rate.

2 ) Operation System:Color touch screen , directly visual interface easy operation.Chinese and English available . Easily to adjust all electrical parameters and have counting function , which is helpful for production management.

3) Detection System:Using German LEUZE/Italian Datalogic label sensor and Japanese Panasonic product sensor , which are sensitive to label and product , thus ensure high accuracy and stable labeling performance . Greatly saves labor .

4) Alarm Function : The machine will give an alarm when problem occur , such as label spill , label broken , or other malfunctions .

5) Machine Material : The machine and spare parts all use material stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy , with high corrosion resistance and never rust .

6) Equip with a voltage transformer to adapt to local voltage.

Top and bottom labeling is among the most widely used types of labeling. It is often used to apply variable data to prepackaged food or preprinted packaging, such as an expiration date, a batch number or a list of ingredients. The process is also frequently used to apply promotional labels or the like. For that reason, top and bottom labeling is also used on fresh and prepackaged cheese, sausage and meats. The process is also used for cosmetics, medicines and luxury items. Depending on requirements, only the top or only the bottom may be labeled as the product passes the station. The range of possible primary packaging applications extends from frozen packaging, to cans, to glass and plastic containers. For such consumer products, both speed and precise positioning are important. Top and bottom labeling is also used for secondary packaging like outer cardboard boxes. VKPAK has an economical, performance-appropriate system for each area of application.


Applying labels to the top and bottom of products is built into the inline machine’s two-side apply design. The clamshell labeler also comes as a standard with our split belt designed conveyor system. This allows easy placement on the front, top and bottom with one label.

Simple to use

With the ability to easily make adjustments to the machine’s settings, the machine enables you to change production runs quickly and simply – which means greater efficiency and quality control for you.

Easy to upgrade

The machine’s modular design allows you to upgrade its capabilities as your needs evolve. Whether you have a custom product application or your product changes, you simply upgrade the machine to accommodate your new requirements.

Made to Last

In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the machine is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and carefully treated to guard against the effects of harsher environments. This durability translates into a solid choice for labeling machine longevity.