Automatic Vertical Self-Adhesive Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic Vertical Self-Adhesive Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Suitable for the adhesive label of every kinds of round small bottle or any other round small bottles in the industry of medicine, foodstuff, cosmetics and so on.

Control by the computer, touch screen, each parameter can be set before hand, easy to operate

Multi engine drive, separate timing, dependable position, and high sensitivity.

Can be matched with coder, clear font and firm.

Labeling speed200-400b/m (Adjustable speed, depending on bottle size and label length)
Labeling accuracy+1mm(depends on products Characteristics, hardness and trueness of the circle)
Bottle diameter25-120mm
Object rangeHeight: 20mm ~ ~ 300mm (Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Label specificationsHeight:10mm~~150mm  Length: 15~~300mm (Special specifications can be customized)
Roll diameterΦ76mm Outer roll diameter: Φ300(max)
 Power supplyAC220V 50/60HZ 980W
Package Size1950*1100*1300mm

The Wrap-Around Automatic Labeling Machine is a stand type bottle labeling machine that is suitable for adhesive labels to be applied on cylindrical containers of various shape and material.

The Vertical Wrap-Around Automatic Labeling Machine can label various types of round bottles. The machine is designed with a solid base, allowing the labeling system to reach high speeds while maintaining stability.

The Wrap-Around Labeler is the most economical and efficient machine in terms of capabilities. This labeler is fast, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. It is flexible enough to handle production schedule and product changes quickly and easily.

Solid and Adjustable Design

The Vertical Wrap-Around Automatic Labeling Machine can label various round bottles. The machine is designed with a solid base, allowing the labeling system to reach high speeds while maintaining stability.

Personalized Control System

The Vertical Wrap-Around Labeling Machine’s provides a personalized and logical operation control system. New staff in the production line will be able to begin operating it very easily. The control system of the labeler helps you sort out the best division of labor.

Flexible and Reliable

The Vertical Wrap-Around Labeling Machine not only provides full additional functions but can also extend various existing functions for future production needs. The machine is also easy to maintain, increasing longevity for long term production.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine in Different Models

High-grade and energy efficient round bottle labeling machine is required for all kinds of cylindrical, tapered objects wrap around labeling. They are used largely in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and different other industry verticals. They come with a gamut of added features. You have to choose the right make and model and place your order.

What Makes Round Bottle Labeling Machines Useful and Ideal to Choose?

There are a number of added features associated with a new range of high-grade and advanced round bottle labeling machines that include, but not limited to:

Such machines come with Japanese Panasonic Control System with High Stability and Extremely Low Failure Rate
They come with advanced operation systems like color touch screen, directly visual interface easy operations
Easy to adjust all electrical parameters and counting functions for better production management

Advanced detection system makes them more useful and ideal for various applications. They come with German LEUZE/Italian Datalogic label sensor and Japanese Panasonic product senor to ensure high accuracy and stable labeling performance. They come with alarm functions to alert you in case problem occurs like label spill, broken label or any kind of other multifunction.

Stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy are used to make them stronger and durable; while they come with high corrosion resistance quality. Not to mention voltage transformer to adapt to local voltage.

VKPAK Labeling Offers the Best Range of Round Bottle Labeling Machines

VKPAK has been offering you high-grade and advanced machines that are easy to use and come with a gamut of added features and benefits. You have to go through the details and choose the best one. Whether you are looking for round bottle labeling machine or looking for anything else, you will get the best range at competitive rates.

Feel free to contact as per your requirement and get it delivered in safe and secure way.